When I was in elementary school, I would take my brother’s computer magazines and type word for word the code in BASIC into my Apple IIe computer. Magazine’s back then would publish entire word based games in code and there would be no way to transfer them into your computer except for typing it. That’s where I first learned to code.

In high school, I kept self teaching as there were only one or two classes that had programming. As a freshman the seniors all wanted me to help them with their final programming project. Coding felt natural to me as it gave me an outlet to be ultra logical and creative.

Picking my major was challenging. It came down to a choice between Computer Science and Management Information Systems in the Business School. The final decision came about because Y2K had promises of making nerds millionaires and it did for an extended bubble. Also getting into the University of Texas McComb’s business school was no easy task and I thought I should probably take advantage of it.

That path led me into ERP Consulting for Computer Sciences Corporation in the PeopleSoft practice for the next 7 years. That’s where I cut my teeth in the business application world dealing with various clients across various industries. I worked for small companies that had no business paying for an ERP and large Fortune 500 companies. I quickly learned debits and credits and chart of accounts as well as a deep knowledge of SQL and having to pivot and learn languages quickly whether they were proprietary or universal.

When the road got weary I decided to settle down and move to Austin and take a nice stable job at Whole Foods Market. At WFM I continued to use my ERPĀ  prowess to evolve their ERP. I also expanded my horizons writing C# programs against an enterprise service bus and different external APIs as well a host of legacy, SAAS, and on premise applications.

In addition to the nine to five find myself continually self educating myself on everything I can get my hands on. I self taught myself Java for Android and SWIFT at the exact same time so I could write an app for my gym, Bat City CrossFit. When you decide you’re going to build an app you absolutely cannot just build it for one platform. Pivoting between two platforms was challenging at first but once you get over that hump it’s all about problems, solutions, and syntax.

As sound becomes more and more integral to people’s lives because it is a passive form of consumption, I found myself dabbling with creating Alexa Skills and podcasts. I also run my gym like a multi media company so I’ve been also working hard to learn the Adobe Suite of products like Premiere Pro, Lightroom, Illustrator, and After Effects.

I just want to create, create, create and looking for an opportunity to grow with others that have my passion for creating on digital whether whether it’s coding an app, coding a pc application, or expanding on enterprise software. The possibilities are endless in this day where the internet democratizes everything.