Podcast and Interviews

I went through a whole Tony Robbins period of my life where I thought a lot about the story people tell themselves. It’s that narrative where you kind of explain to yourself why you are where you are in your life. You can either break the pattern and change the narrative or you can go your whole life blaming others.

I knew some people in my gym had gone through some crazy tough times and emerged. Some of them in crazy, cinematic dramatic fashion.

I was still learning what to do with my camera so I asked several members of the gym to present their stories. It was amazing and humbling how vulnerable they were on camera to me and let me fumble my way into putting together something that was worthy of their openness. I kind of evolved as I went through each person and learned more and more about the interviewing and editing style.

I did get national attention from CrossFit.com on the 2 minute trailer I did but it doesn’t do their stories justice. These are stories about alcoholism, diabetes, eating disorders, losing a parent, and more.

As our society moves towards voice because it’s such a great, passive means of consumption, I converted these interviews to podcasts as well.



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