New IOS Swift / Java Android/ Firebase Application for Bat City CrossFit

I finally released my app to the members of my gym on both IOS and Android. Initially, when I decided I wanted to create an app, I looked up more point and click platforms like Ionic and a host of out of the box configuration applications like AppiePie. Things like AppiePie were definitely not for develops as they were way too easy and had a very rigid structure. The features were very limited. Ionic had a lot more features where you can Javascript to it but it was still limited to what was compatible to the platform. The one thing that was nice about these platforms was that you could just “code” it once and then the platform would deploy it dynamically to the user no matter what platform they’re on.

As I got deeper into these platforms I decided that I had the skills to just learn the native language as these platforms were for individuals that did not have the time, experience, or ability to learn.

So I broke free from the box and downloaded Android Studio and got an Apple and installed the latest version of XCode. I had actually made an adventure game several years ago on Xcode called “Bygone City” but the updates stopped and I just stopped touching apps altogether.

I figured now I had a real purpose and a user base to get back into mobile programming. I was going to make all my gym members use this app so it had better be pretty decent. What I found was that there was no shortage of AMAZING tutorials for both Android and Swift. The main ones I used were on Udacity and it was free. This wasn’t just some YouTuber in some poor quality video. This was very well produced videos that were filled with animation, labs, and great presenters. It took me around 2 months to really get rolling but it was worth it. These apps are just a start but I feel now I have the confidence and foundation to go really deep.

Check out my git hub if you want to get in the code.

I’ll post the project’s “readme” here.

An Android Java app made for Bat City CrossFit that is integrated with Google Firebase, uses a QR code reader and GPS location, has basic chat features, and gym member statistics. It keeps track of class sizees, who is in a class, and when they checked in. It also has a feature to keep track of in gym purchases. There are also three punch card features.

When you click on the icon on this screen, the camera will be launched ready to look for a QR code. The QR code references the dynamic value in a firebase table. If the two values match, it will issue a successful check in. The app also records the user’s physical address. This can be used later to determine if the user has tried to spoof their check in.

This portion doesn’t actually process any credit cards. It just stores it in a Firebase table where the admin can manually charge the users for their in gym purchase.

The app hosts 3 types of punch cards separately.

Clicking on the punch icon issues a short vibration and then an icon is added to the ring. From this screen you can also recharge your card when it runs out.

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